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Privacy Policy

Filling the form you accept to share with us your personal data. We need your email address and your name to answer you. We have not a mailing list. We don't collect the email addresses. Your personal data will be used only to answer your questions. We don't share your data with others companies.

Data collected with cookies

Tracking usage


We use various technologies, including Google Analytics cookies, to manage and track use of the content we provide, including:

  • standard web analytics information,

  • aggregated data about email click-through rates and video viewing,

  • data collected through HTML cookies, flash cookies, web beacons and similar technologies, and

  • demographics and other details to help us customize our sites based on your preferences.


Cookies provide a mechanism for us to understand how you use the site over time so that we can provide you with the best user experience according to your expressed preferences. We do not sell this information to any third party but may provide information to partners that assist us in updating, managing or maintaining our websites.

We use cookies to customize your experience. We do not sell data collected from cookies to any third party but may provide information to partners to help us update and maintain our website.

Location information

We may collect and use your location data (such as your country) to provide a tailored, language-specific experience for your region, but we don’t collect any geolocation-specific data from you or your device. You can change the settings on your computer or mobile device to prevent your location data from being shared. If you wish to opt-out of tracking and cookies, please manage your privacy settings on your browser or select other ways to turn off cookies and/or add features.

We collect information about your location to provide you with the most localized experience possible, but never collect data from your device.

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