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The Old Film Farm Ltd® was founded by Italian film director Marco Recalchi. After 17 years experience in the film industry, directing and producing, Marco decided to create a place where the ideas become movies. With his partners, Irish actor and producer Jason Matthewson and Antony Reolon, The Old Film Farm Ltd® opened their London office in 2016.

The Old Film Farm Ltd® is a relatively new company, but in just three years we have produced high-end content across all genres and lengths including: three television series, two documentaries, a music video and a feature film, in addition to a number of commercial and corporate projects.

With the combined experience of over fifty years in the entertainment industry, and the contacts to go with that, The Old Film Farm Ltd® could be the perfect home for your next production.

We recently produced a new comedy series "HEYFIELD", and are in pre- production on the feature film "THE LAST STAND", in addition to "I FEEL YOU", "I'M A HERO", and a number of others we can't talk about just yet.  


What we do

The Old Film Farm Ltd® is a full service production company. We can tailor your production specifically to your needs and budget.

We will work with you at every step of the way from pre-production, script writing, casting to production and post-production to insure we deliver a product you are happy with. We can also handle distribution, marketing and social media if required.


The Old Film Farm Ltd® believe that when you work with the best you get the best results. We work with only the highest grade cinema equipment such as Arri, Red and Black Magic 5K cameras, plus Carl Zeiss, Sigma, Rokinon, Canon lenses. We also offer camera stabilisation systems from Ronin and lighting packages.


For Post-Production we use the latest editing software and equipment such as Final Cut Pro X, and colour correction/colour grading software such as DaVinci Resolve.


Skyup Academy 3d and filmmaking school

We are glad to announce our partnership with ‘Skyup Academy’, an Italian based film and multi-media academy specialising in filmmaking and special effects.


‘Skyup Academy’ has an amazing state-of-the-art campus in the Italian alps near the base of the Dolomites. With only a short drive to Venice, it’s the perfect location to study filmmaking and 3D animation.

We are really proud to say we have also partnered with Focus 24. A full- service cinema and camera rental house, allowing us to offer to our clients the very best service at the most competitive prices. Watch this space.



PURPLE BEATZ” is a coming of age, music driven, romantic drama, set in the underground drum n bass music scene of 90’s London.

Written and directed by Lola Atkins, an upcoming, exciting black British, female film maker. “PURPLE BEATZ” is a new British independent feature with a strong diverse, female led cast and crew. The story is inclusive and diverse, a new take on a much loved genre.

Produced by Jason Matthewson for the Old Film Farm.

PURPLE BEATZ” comes out everywhere October 25th.

Check out the trailer below :



Written by Adam Morse and Callum McGowan. Directed by Julia Varvara, an exciting upcoming film maker.

Produced by Jason Matthewson for the Morvera Entertainment in association with the Old Film Farm

Check out the trailer below :





That's Just Me


Written by Adam Morse and Callum McGowan. Directed by Julia Varvara, an exciting upcoming film maker.

Developed and directed by Dan Lowenstein, written by Sophie Smith-Tong and produced by Jason Matthewson for the House of Create Ltd in association with the Old Film Farm

Check out the trailer below :

"I'm a Hero"

The Old Film Farm Ltd are currently developing a very exciting new series.

Centred around a child... but not just any child, "I'M A HERO" is a seven part high concept sci-fi adventure series. We are working with some of the world’s biggest platforms to bring this to you soon.


"I'M A HERO" short movie is also in development.




The new tv series "Heyfield"


"HAYFILEDS" is a brand new comedy series filmed in London and co- produced by The Old Film Farm Ltd.


A mockumentary series that follows Jonathan Hayfield as he inherits his late father's business and wealth.But, being as young as Jonathan is, the power and money will slowly corrupt him and twists and turns from the unknown become apparent.


The series is directed by Marco Recalchi. We are currently producing the pilot episode. Click Here for the teaser



"I FEEL YOU" follows the life of Tommy, a blind-deaf-mute ten year old child on the birthday of his father David. Little is known about this awful disability and even less research is done to understand it, and how it affects many families across the globe.


Facing the world in complete darkness, without the ability of sight, hearing or speech, how can he even begin to understand life on this planet? Is there anything you wouldn't do for your loved ones to give them the best life possible filled with happiness and dignity?



Far from the familiar surroundings of Britain, a father and son start their new lives in Italy. Making friends though may prove more difficult than either of them imagined as the bullies aren't just found on the playground.

WHEN THE RAIN ENDS” has been nominated at the New York Film Festival in a number of categories including "Best Film".


The Old Film Farm® are lucky enough to get to travel the world for our clients. Our crews have filmed in Africa, North and South America, Asia and the vast majority of Europe.


We love the world and we want to capture the beauty of our planet.


We specialise in feature film, TV, advertising and documentaries.


Both our director Marco Recalchi and producer Jason Matthewson are multi- award winning filmmakers who have been awarded internationally. Our team at The Old Film Farm® regularly work along side many globally recognised companies. This network allows us to produce the very best result for our clients.


In 2016 we produced the feature film "WHAT THE CLOUDS DON'T SAY", which was released theatrically and distributed on home video by Edizioni San Paolo.


With a full and diverse slate, we are working tirelessly to bring you the next wave of thought provoking, important and entertaining stories from around the world.





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